The Stack by Annika Norlin

What’s going on down by the water?

Emelie has left the city to stay a few days in the forest when she sees a group of people from afar. There are seven of them, each with their own certain quality, and one by one she gets to know them. One was here first and laid the groundwork. Another one is so powerful that she was once in prison convicted for manslaughter. A third one is just so insanely beautiful. And then there is Sara, the Alpha woman around whom everything seems to circulate.

In her bestselling first novel, The Stack, Annika Norlin tells the story of a group of people who live by themselves in the woods in Northern Sweden. For different reasons they have wound up there, without any cause or religion to follow, but with a big love for one another, and perhaps mostly for the undeclared leader, the mild and beautiful Sara. But who really calls the shots? Is it possible to leave? Do you have to like the role you are chosen for? And what happens when an outsider shows up and disturbs the dynamic?

Annika Norlin is a writer and musician born in 1977. Her debut, the short story collection I See All That You Do (2020), was lauded by a long list of critics and became a huge success among readers. With a warm, funny and unique prose populated with strange and lovable characters, the book was nominated to several awards. It was also nominated for the August Prize for Fiction of the year, and has also been staged as a theatre play in Gothenburg for sold out crowds.

The Stack is a magnetic and deeply touching story about love, group dynamics and the power we have over other human beings. The novel received a long list of rave reviews from critics, and was one of Sweden’s top-selling literary fiction books of the year.

Winner of Vi Magazine Literature Award 2023
Winner of Swedish Radio’s Novel Prize 2023
Shortlisted for Svenska Dagbladet’s Literature Prize 2023
Shortlisted for the Adlibris Award for Best Fiction 2023

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